Our Team.

Jan Zumbach (M.Sc.)

Co-Founder & CEO AcoZystem eG

Plastics have amazing capabilities and are truly necessary in countless applications. Unfortunately, plastics are also „decorating“ every last corner of our nature, the oceans, beaches, valleys and mountains. There, plastics are completely useless and threaten the health of our planet.

We can recycle plastic waste without a carbon footprint. So let’s do it!

Send me a message: jan@acozystem.com

Janine Bessen (M.Sc.)

Co-Founder & CMO AcoZystem eG

In my generation, for us here in Europe, sustainability has been an important aspect of our lives for decades. While traveling in the Americas, Africa and Asia I found a different reality.

The future of our planet is our common responsability and we need to make solutions accessible to everyone. Will you join us in that mission?

Reach out to: janine@acozystem.com

Christoph Zumbach (M.Sc.)

CTO AcoZystem eG

The technical solution for recycling plastic using solar power already exists. But we need to make sure that they are used in places where it’s needed the most. This is where AcoZystem will play a significant role.

We’re ready to go – what about you`?

Technical questions, let’s hear it: christoph@acozystem.com

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