Four proven and sustainable ideas combined in one Concept!

Pyrolysis – Compact & Decentralized

The circular economy for plastic waste is porous. Especially economies of the Global South and smaller markets struggle to manage their plastic waste. All kinds of plastic are getting mixed making it hard to ever being recycled.

The pyrolysis process manages to convert mixed plastics irrespective of their type or color into crude oil and char.

With every machine in operation we are developing and expanding a global network of decentralized operations producing Naphta (crude oil) and char from local plastic waste. All products are sold regionally and globally.

Cooperative – Us. Together.

We often lose sight of the bigger picture and feel like we have no impact when it comes to the major problems in our world. But we can make a difference.

As a cooperative we offer our members to be a part of the solution, have an impact beyond their own consumer behavior and invest ecologically.

A membership at AcoZystem enables you to fight plastic waste and the pollution of our environment – right where plastics threaten our ecosystems.

Franchising – Global & Local

Our vision demands that we think on a global scale but requires us to act local. While global partnerships and networks lay the foundation for our company to succeed, it is the franchisees that make the difference.

With their entrepreneurial mindset and the willpower to go above and beyond our franchisees drive us to being successful.

They develop and nuture a local network to allocate plastic waste in their market and oversee operations & logistics locally. In addition they manage their local team and sell their products within their region.

Renewable Energy – Green & Safe

Especially islands and coastal states in the Global South suffer from massive environmental pollution. Fortunately, both wind and solar energy are not only the most sustainable but also cheapest option to produce electrical energy.

Our concept to set up autark operations makes us independent from local energy supply and continously provides our operations with clean and renewable energy. Over time this will get AcoZystem from CO2 neutral to CO2 negativ.

We can operate the pyrolysis machines irrespective of the local energy infrastructure and leverage available excess energy to support the local community.


At AcoZystem we have fairness and openness deeply embedded into our company. We hold these values high and treat our partners accordingly. We work with amazing people from tech-start-ups, conglomerates, NGOs and think-tanks and never lose sight of the fact that we are all pursuing the same vision.

We are always open for new partnerships!

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