*1 – Special – Global Recycling Day!

How did you spend your Global Recycling Day so far? We take this unique day as an opportunity for a special edition of AcoZunday. This edition carries the subtitle „Recycling for Profit“. This is not only a message we believe in, but also the title to an article written by David Biddle for the Harvard„*1 – Special – Global Recycling Day!“ weiterlesen

#9 – AcoZunday – Plastic waste in Europe

So far we focused AcoZunday to shed some light on on plastic waste and the desastrous handling of waste streams in the Global South. But the reality of the status-quo in the Global North is far from ideal. That’s why we want to take a look at some of the latest headlines and underlying circumstances„#9 – AcoZunday – Plastic waste in Europe“ weiterlesen

#8 – AcoZunday – It’s a plastic world

Just before February closes the door on us, it’s AcoZunday again and since we talk a lot about plastic waste, it’s important to us to take a closer look at the the material itself: Polymers. While everybody uses the word „Plastics“, the correct word to summarize this gigantic number of different materials would be „Polymers“.„#8 – AcoZunday – It’s a plastic world“ weiterlesen

#7 – AcoZunday – Products made from plastic waste

We’re very sorry that we had to skip one week, but today it’s AcoZunday again. Today we want to talk about products made from plastic waste. While our business concept is built around chemical recycling and focuses on pyrolysis of mixed plastic waste, we are constantly looking for inspiration and other ideas how to tackle„#7 – AcoZunday – Products made from plastic waste“ weiterlesen

#6 – AcoZunday – Circularity Gap

It’s AcoZunday again. And today we want to highlight one of the great initiatives in the „Circular Economy Universe“ – The Circularity Gap Reporting Initiative. This coming week the initiative will publish the 2021 report which will describe in detail how circular the global community has been consuming over the last year. Fortunately, due to„#6 – AcoZunday – Circularity Gap“ weiterlesen

#5 – AcoZunday – Leveraging renewables

It’s AcoZunday again. And today it’s all about energy. Our entire concept is build around high availability of renewable energy. Pyrolysis needs significant amounts of energy in order to process unsorted plastics into naphta and char. While the process turns unusable material into valuable ingredients for chemical operations, it consumes more energy than it produces…„#5 – AcoZunday – Leveraging renewables“ weiterlesen

#4 – AcoZunday – A look back at 2020…

It’s AcoZunday again. And today we want to look back at a very exciting year 2020. Most would probably rather use the word „tumultuous“ but since hindsight is 20/20 anyways, we want to focus on founding and the first steps AcoZystem has taken since May. The journey started all the way back in November of„#4 – AcoZunday – A look back at 2020…“ weiterlesen

#3 – AcoZunday – It’s a new year!

It’s AcoZunday again. The first of many in 2021. Initially, we wanted to look in the rearview mirror on what happened in 2020. But that has to be postponed due to very promising news in the EU. Since the start of 2021 it has become much more difficult to export contaminated, and polluted plastic waste„#3 – AcoZunday – It’s a new year!“ weiterlesen

#2 – AcoZunday – AcoZystem the coop!

Sunday is AcoZunday. Probably not every weekend but we want to update you frequently about the latest news, discuss our progress, explain our ideas and present insights from the recycling world. Today, we want to give some more details and further background on why we set up AcoZystem as a cooperative. There were obviously a„#2 – AcoZunday – AcoZystem the coop!“ weiterlesen

#1 – Welcome to AcoZunday

From now on Sunday is AcoZunday. We will update you every week (hopefully) about the latest news, share our progress, explain our ideas and present insights from the recycling world. Today, we want to answer the question “How did we get to the point where we are today?”. It is by far the most frequently„#1 – Welcome to AcoZunday“ weiterlesen