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#6 – AcoZunday – Circularity Gap

It’s AcoZunday again. And today we want to highlight one of the great initiatives in the „Circular Economy Universe“ – The Circularity Gap Reporting Initiative. This coming week the initiative will publish the 2021 report which will describe in detail how circular the global community has been consuming over the last year. Fortunately, due to„#6 – AcoZunday – Circularity Gap“ weiterlesen

#5 – AcoZunday – Leveraging renewables

It’s AcoZunday again. And today it’s all about energy. Our entire concept is build around high availability of renewable energy. Pyrolysis needs significant amounts of energy in order to process unsorted plastics into naphta and char. While the process turns unusable material into valuable ingredients for chemical operations, it consumes more energy than it produces…„#5 – AcoZunday – Leveraging renewables“ weiterlesen

#1 – Welcome to AcoZunday

From now on Sunday is AcoZunday. We will update you every week (hopefully) about the latest news, share our progress, explain our ideas and present insights from the recycling world. Today, we want to answer the question “How did we get to the point where we are today?”. It is by far the most frequently„#1 – Welcome to AcoZunday“ weiterlesen

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