#6 – AcoZunday – Circularity Gap

It’s AcoZunday again. And today we want to highlight one of the great initiatives in the „Circular Economy Universe“ – The Circularity Gap Reporting Initiative.

This coming week the initiative will publish the 2021 report which will describe in detail how circular the global community has been consuming over the last year. Fortunately, due to the current unique circumstances, the launch will be streamed live for everybody who is interested.

The 2020 report, which is still available for download1, concluded that the global circularity has been decreasing continuously over the past years down to 8.6%.

In other words, only 8.6% of all the resources which were extracted from our planet have been channeled back into a value stream. So across the board we manage to waste and emit much more of these valuable resources than we are able to cycle.

There are some examples of positive developments, such as the cycling of waste in Europe, which was increased by more than 10% on average over a five year period. But the global numbers are still staggering and horrifying. We lose almost three times the amount of waste than what we are able to cycle and reuse.

Overall, both the trend of a decreasing circularity and the low share of circular resources are alarming and reinforce our desire to be part of the solution to this massive problem. What will be the findings of this year’s report? Will the global downswing of the economies increase circularity with lower levels of global extraction? What is the impact of all the medical single use products?

We are very excited about the release of the new report and very thankful for the great work put together by The Circularity Gap Reporting Initiative!


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