#5 – AcoZunday – Leveraging renewables

It’s AcoZunday again. And today it’s all about energy. Our entire concept is build around high availability of renewable energy.

Pyrolysis needs significant amounts of energy in order to process unsorted plastics into naphta and char. While the process turns unusable material into valuable ingredients for chemical operations, it consumes more energy than it produces… of course, it’s not a perpetual motion machine.

Since we are committed to solve one problem without creating or worsening another we have developed a comprehensive renewable energy supply concept for decentralized pyrolysis machines. The concept enables our franchisees to run the operations both on sites where a grid connection is enabled as well as using a stand-alone power system.

Over the past decades the Global North has continuously invested in increasing the share of electrical energy being produced from renewable ressources. While there are also great initiatives to leverage the outstanding geological conditions, such as Africa GreenTec1, big corporations are not investing enough to stabilize, grow and decarbonize the electric energy supply of the Global South.

A new study2 by the University of Oxford describes a model which projected the future power generation in Africa. With the energy production doubling over the course of this decade, the share of renewables is projected to remain below a very pedestrian 10%.

This is not going in the right direction! Join us and help to leverage the technology we have developed and established in the Global North and put the Global South on the right track for infrastructure that cleans the environment, creates jobs and provides clean energy.

1https://www.africagreentec.com/?lang=en 2https://rdcu.be/cdnXA

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