#4 – AcoZunday – A look back at 2020…

It’s AcoZunday again. And today we want to look back at a very exciting year 2020. Most would probably rather use the word „tumultuous“ but since hindsight is 20/20 anyways, we want to focus on founding and the first steps AcoZystem has taken since May.

The journey started all the way back in November of 2019 when we started to study the pyrolysis technology more in detail triggered by our experiences traveling through southern Africa. We started to reach out to technology leaders and explored both the technical background as well as the commercial and economical parameters of decentralized pyrolysis machines. During this time we received great support from Biofabrik and Aventurin Waste. The engaged team from Biofabrik (https://biofabrik.com/) helped us to dive deeper into the details of the pyrolysis technology and find answers to the questions we asked ourselves.

In Achim, CEO of Aventurin Waste (https://www.aventurin.one/), we found a very knowledgeable insider who strengthend our belief in the business case we had put together over the first weeks of 2020. He was a major inspiration to set ambitious goals and follow in his footsteps.

This great support and the encouraging feedback from our inner circle drove us to work flat out through the first lockdown. Next to further developing our concept and strengthening our business case, we found ourselves waist deep in legal matters. Without the great support by the legal team of the ÖGV (https://www.genossenschaftsverband.at/) we would have never gotten out from under to launch AcoZystem into the world.

The unique circumstances of 2020 had us adjust our plans how to expand our network and what to do first in order to further improve our concept. We launched our social media outlets, our homepage and started this blog. We welcomed new members and met entrepreneurs and technology leaders in the energy and recycling world.

2020 was for sure different than expected, but we cannot be more thankful for the support we received and the milestones we were able to reach.

Thank you!

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