#3 – AcoZunday – It’s a new year!

It’s AcoZunday again. The first of many in 2021. Initially, we wanted to look in the rearview mirror on what happened in 2020. But that has to be postponed due to very promising news in the EU.

Since the start of 2021 it has become much more difficult to export contaminated, and polluted plastic waste from the EU into countries of the Global South. Three years after China stopped importing plastic waste from industrial countries we can now witness some legislative action from one of the biggest markets exporting unsorted plastic waste.

There are going to be diverse measures by impacted players in the recycling market how to adjust their supply chains. Thus, it’s quite hard to foresee how the plastic value streams will change. But one thing is very obvious: it will become more expensive to get rid of valuable plastic waste which is just a bit more challenging to recycle. In most cases „expensive“ will mean that revenue streams from selling unsorted plastic waste flatten. So recycling companies will need to address other revenue streams to compensate. Ultimately creating plastic waste will become a financial burden and diminish returns from the core business.

As of today, we don’t see a major impact into the business plans of AcoZystem. Though we are quite confident, that some of the valuable plastics will stream towards smaller and less developed countries within the EU increasing our chances to attract partners and franchisees in European countries.

Every change will provide opportunities!

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